The aim of this site is to make the law relating to claims more available to the public through accessible and easily understood information that is constantly updated.

Although we have tried to provide a general overview of most types of claims, the focus is on personal injury, providing specific information to those who have been injured in accidents or are victims of medical negligence. A large section is devoted to Road Accident Fund claims. A lot of very helpful information is also provided many other claims and related topics.

All too often one hears disparaging comments about people who are unhappy because they have been charged exorbitant fees by their attorneys. This need not be the case if clients and attorneys take the trouble to properly negotiate the terms of their agreement as to fees.

We have tried to provide objective advice to help the public understand the strength of their position and to bargain accordingly.

The advice provided in these pages is intended merely as a guide; each individual case may have its own peculiarity - there is no substitute for legal advice that is specific to your case from an experienced attorney.

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