Small/DIY Claims

If you wish to submit your own claim to the Road Accident Fund for medical expenses and/or Loss of earnings, you will need to complete the Third Party Claim Form and also submit all of the following information.

1. Details of your claim
    You will need to complete and submit a signed Third Party Claim Form indicating the following:  

  • Why are you claiming
  • Who is to blame
  • How much are you claiming

2. Proof that you exist

  • certified copy of ID Document
  • Birth certificate

3. Details regarding the motor vehicle accident

  • Police report of accident
  • Statement (Affidavit)
  • Police docket

4. Evidence of injuries / Death

  • Medical report form RAF1 Medical Report (on page 9 of the RAF1 claim form)
    completed by your treating doctor
  • Death Certificate

5. Proof of your losses

  • Accounts
  • Medico-Legal Reports
  • Proof of income

Very Important:  It is always advisable to have an attorney assist you with a claim of any nature. There are many elements of claims that you may be unaware of and the defendant (including the staff of the RAF) will not tell you about. Once you have accepted a settlement, your claim is finalized. You get one chance to claim. You should ensure that future medical expenses are covered by getting the RAF to provide an Undertaking to pay Future medical expenses.

Suppliers’ Claims
A supplier of medical services may claim directly from the Road Accident Fund – Supplier are required to prove all of the elements required for a successful claim.
The claim form that must accompany your documentation is the RAF2 form

FAQ - Road Accident Fund Claims

What do I do when an accident happens?
Firstly – get in the ambulance and get better – no amount of money can replace your health. If you are able to or have a relative at the scene have them take all of the relevant detail, ie.

  • Names of drivers
  • Registration numbers of vehicles involved
  • Street names
  • Time
  • Conditions
  • Witness names and contact numbers

Can the Road Accident Fund afford to pay my claim?
Yes, although the Road Accident Fund claims to be insolvent, many millions of Rands are collected each day in the form of petrol levies and many millions of Rands worth of claims are also paid out on a daily basis.

Where does the Road Accident Fund get the money to pay my compensation?
A portion of the amount paid for every litre of fuel purchased in South Africa every day is paid over to the Road Accident Fund. This fuel levy funds the administration and compensation paid by the Road Accident Fund.

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