Slips, trips and falls

Many serious injuries have resulted from a slip, trip or fall. An injury alone is not sufficient for a successful claim arising from a slip, trip or fall. It is essential that the owner or party responsible for the irregularity that caused your slip, trip or fall was negligent in some way.

  • Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere and it is often unclear who is responsible.
  • If you slip on a pavement or road, is it owned and maintained by the council or by a private
    firm or individual?
  • If you slip on a wet patch at work, are your employers liable or is it the plumber who didn't
    fix the pipe properly?

These are questions which you won’t have to investigate on your own. What you need to do is obtain any evidence that may be time-sensitive, e.g. if you tripped over a broken pavement, take a photograph of it with somebody’s cell phone-camera before it is repaired. The same applies to that puddle you slipped In at the mall – get a photo and get someone who saw the puddle and saw you (a witness) to give you their details.
Once you have provided the initial information (and evidence if you were able to get it) your attorney will assist you in investigating the circumstances further to determine the strength of your case.
As you can see – your injuries alone do not entitle you to compensation, you will need to be able to prove that someone else is to blame. Not all broken pavements, pipes or items will give you a right to claim. You will also have to prove negligence. In other words if you slip on an icy driveway, if you slip in your own shower, if you trip over your own shoelaces then don't expect a huge cheque in the post any time soon.

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